Moving On

The more he learned the better he gets. But, he was cocky and unthankful and the things he said he never regrets. I packed my bag as my job was done served my notice for one month and here I was done. avoiding the fights and conversations were to shun. off I go wandering for... Continue Reading →

Level Up

I moved with Tom and was his neighbor for six months and Tom was actually a mess. Lots of grooming, arranging for his clothes and cleaning his room that looked like trash. I had a moment of regret, but I was not ready to give up as I see him crying in stress. This man... Continue Reading →


Tom was shattered and heartbroken as Amanda was with Dan, Standing outside in snow contemplating, cracking a tear but stanched. I slowly put my hand on his shoulder and he looked at me with eyes red and face blank. "How would I live," he said with a shudder in his voice. "You will," I said,... Continue Reading →

Destroyed in love

Before Tom could ask Amanda out, Dan did his best. He didn't just ask her out but made her feel so special than rest. Tom was broken coz he did inform Dan about his feeling for Amanda and discussed how he would ask her out. But it was all a mess. Kash being a "friend"... Continue Reading →


Kash and Amanda were close friends just like Dan and Tom, but motives were different. Manipulation was the game and Amanda was petulant. Bad advice can mess you up and she was any way blinded and ignorant. She lost control of her finances, academically she was struggling, staying alone was costly and staying with friends... Continue Reading →

The Meet

Sitting in the classroom looking outside the window, beautiful view she encountered and was excited to touch the snow. less did she notice four eyes admiring her. yes, four. the first person was admiring her genuinely another one was full of lust, disguise to be friendly. Both of them trying to be her beau. Some... Continue Reading →

Story 5 – The One

Little scared, a bit hesitated she entered the classroom. Dreams and hope in her heart, will and determination to jump any huddle, she knew she would pass. Away from home. Trying to leave everyone behind, chasing the dream, looking for opportunities, scared on the surface but being confident was a task. But wait, this story... Continue Reading →

Temporary Goodbyes

All the functions are done. Everyone leaving and so is she. We did exchange some words but how am I suppose to know if she likes me. Can I do something to stop her? What should I do? Fine, whatever my small brain can think of I should ignore the consequences and tell her what... Continue Reading →

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